Micro-ATM in your shop can increase income four times

In this article, you will know what is a micro ATM and its benefits and how you can install it in your shop.

What is Micro-ATM?

Micro ATM is a type of device through which you can withdraw money by debit card, Apart from withdrawal, other services are also available in micro ATM.
You can earn good commission by installing this micro atm device at your shop

Services of Micro-ATM?

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Bank Balance Check
  • Mini statement

Advantage of Micro-ATM?

  • Customer visits to your shop
  • Attractive commission on withdrawal
  • Commission on mini statement

Mini ATM Commission:

You get commission on every single transaction done through Mini ATM.

How to install Mini ATM at your shop:

To install Mini ATM at your shop, you have to register on Digital India Portal.
After registration, you get a login id and password from which you can apply for micro ATM

Click on this link for registration: Digital india Portal Registration 

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