Aadhaar Pay

In this article, you will know what is Aadhaar pay, and its benefits and how you can earn good commission by providing the service of Aadhaar Pay.
To provide the service of Aadhaar Pay in your area, you have to register on Digital India Portal, the process of which is given below, please read all the information of Aadhaar Pay carefully.

What is Aadhaar Pay ?

As you know, if a citizen needs to withdraw money through Aadhaar, then he goes to any customer service center near him and withdraws money through the APS system, in the same way it is on Aadhaar Pay.

Difference between AEPS and Aadhar Pay ?

Aeps – Through Aeps system, you can only withdraw 10,000 in a day
Aadhaar Pay – Through Aadhaar Pay system, you can withdraw up to  50,000 in a day.

How to provide Aadhaar Pay service?

As I told you above, to provide the service of Aadhaar Pay, you have to register on Digital India Portal, After registration, Digital India Portal gives you an ID and Password by which you can login to the portal and provide more than 35 other services with Aadhaar pay.

How to do Digital India Portal Registration:

To register, click on this link  https://digitalindiaportals.in/registration/ and fill all the details asked in the form and submit.
After submission, you will be contacted by Digital India Portal and ID and Password will be provided.

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