FSSAI Registration and Licence

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) Registration and Licence is a mandatory requirement for businesses involved in the food industry in India. The FSSAI is a regulatory body responsible for setting food safety standards and ensuring compliance with these standards to protect public health and safety.

FSSAI Registration is applicable to small food businesses with an annual turnover below a specified limit. It is a basic registration that enables businesses to carry out their food-related activities within a specific local area or municipality.

FSSAI Licence, on the other hand, is required for medium to large-scale food businesses that exceed the turnover threshold specified by FSSAI. There are three types of FSSAI Licences based on the scale of operations: Central Licence (for businesses operating at a national level), State Licence (for businesses operating within a specific state), and Basic Licence (for businesses with a moderate turnover).

Obtaining FSSAI Registration or Licence involves submitting an application to the designated FSSAI office, along with the necessary documents, fees, and information about the food business. The application undergoes scrutiny, and upon successful verification, the FSSAI Registration or Licence is issued.

Having FSSAI Registration or Licence demonstrates compliance with food safety regulations, builds consumer trust, and enhances the credibility of the food business. It is essential for food businesses to obtain and maintain the required FSSAI registration or licence to operate legally and ensure the safety and quality of the food products they produce or sell.

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