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The E-Shram Card service offered by the Digital India Portal is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing a unique identification card to unorganized sector workers across India. This service aims to extend social security benefits and welfare schemes to workers in various informal sectors, such as construction, agriculture, domestic work, and street vending.

The E-Shram Card serves as a digital record of the worker’s employment details, skillsets, and social security contributions. It provides workers with a comprehensive and portable identity that can be used to access various government services, schemes, and benefits. The card includes crucial information such as the worker’s Aadhaar number, bank account details, and job history.

The Digital India Portal simplifies the application process for the E-Shram Card. Workers can register online by providing their personal details, employment history, and skillset information. The portal ensures that the registration process is user-friendly and accessible, even to those who may have limited digital literacy.

The E-Shram Card service on the Digital India Portal aims to address the challenges faced by workers in the unorganized sector. It enables workers to establish their identity and access various benefits, including health insurance, skill development programs, and financial assistance during emergencies or accidents.

The E-Shram Card also aims to facilitate financial inclusion for workers. By linking the card to a bank account, workers can receive wages digitally and access banking services conveniently. This not only promotes transparency and efficiency in wage payments but also provides workers with access to banking facilities that were previously inaccessible to them.

Furthermore, the E-Shram Card service on the Digital India Portal helps in collecting accurate data on the unorganized sector workforce. This data can be utilized to formulate policies and schemes that address the specific needs and challenges faced by these workers. It also helps in bridging the information gap and ensuring targeted delivery of services.

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