Everyone Can Provide Digital Seva

There are many such areas in our India where digital seva is very difficult to reach, the citizens there have to go somewhere far away or their neighboring area to get government work.
Providing digital seva to those citizens in their own area can be a good job, To provide digital service you have to connect with Digital India Portal.
In this article, I will tell you how you can provide digital services and how to join Digital India Portal.

What is Digital India Portal?

Digital India Portal provides various types of banking and government services to the rural and remote citizens of the country through its Digital Seva Portal. This is an Indian portal that provides digital seva to every region of the country, we can say that this is an important effort of Digital India Portal to fulfill the mission of Digital India. Digital India portals provide better governance, basic government services to the citizens. (Health and Agriculture Services), Digital Literacy, and B2C related services all online.

Digital India portal helps in the mission of Digital India, India is the goal of Minister Narendra Modi to reach digital seva to every corner of the country. A portal has been started to make the Digital India portal a complete success or to fulfill the mission of Digital India.

any citizen of the area can provide all digital seva in his area by connecting to Digital India portal.
It is an online portal that provides various banking and government services to the citizens. Common citizens can avail various banking, government, insurance services by visiting their nearest Digital India portal.
So far, more than 2 lakh Digital India portal centers have been opened in the country, which are located in 687 districts. Through all these centers, all the citizens of the country are getting the facility of making banking, government and non-government documents.
You can also provide all digital seva by opening this Digital India Portal Center

Available digital seva on Digital India Portal

  • Aadhar card service
  • Banking services
  • Insurance service
  • Bill payment service
  • Lic service
  • State Certificate service
  • Voter id service
  • Educational documents
  • Travel ticket booking service
  • Health care
  • Aadhaar Center Apply Service

Important things for providing Digital seva

  • At least 18 years of age or more
  • No need to proof of resident
  • Have a photograph, identity proofs, valid mobile number, e-mail ID, and bank account for registration
  • No need any qualification
  • Have digital india portal certificate

Digital India Portal Registration Process

For joining you have to register on Digital India Portal
Click on this link for  registration: digitalindiaportals.in

After opening the registration page, a form will appear in front of you
Fill all the information asked in that form
After filling the form click on submit button

After submitting the form, the Digital India portal will contact you and tell you the complete procedure to open your center.


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